Our Services

Executive Travel Protective Services and Travel Risk Management

With global business travel experiencing rapid growth, organizations are increasingly challenged to fully understand the ever-changing risk environments. Unfortunately, travelers find themselves as targets to aggressors who excel at studying vulnerable targets. Most businesses are unaware of the level of advisement and protection they need when traveling. Participants will also learn pre-travel safety and security preparation, risk-mitigation strategies and best practices. Our team utilises a strong combination of people, assets, and experience to make things happen securely and discreetly almost anywhere our clients travel. The purpose of this service is to provide:
- Onsite protection and security advice
- Security drivers and vehicles for ground transportation
- Intelligence analysis on trends and developments that could impact business continuity, staff security, and company reputations
- Threat evaluations for countries, regions, cities, hotels, venues, etc.
- Emergency medical assistance and evacuations (as required)

Active Shooter Preparedness / Workplace Violence

Since 2016, there have been 686 mass shootings involving over 3,100 casualties, so it is becoming increasingly important to keep your active shooter plans up-to-date in this constantly evolving landscape. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans are not robust or thorough enough to provide the protection essential for organisations to survive such disastrous incidents. The subject and purpose of the service are on life preservation and business continuity.

Event Security Planning and Mentoring

Special events generally need a security presence to maintain order and protect the guests and their property. Special event security focuses on identifying and preventing problems before they happen. The success of an event must also be measured in terms of safety. Event organisers have a duty of care to ensure that people are not exposed to risks to their health and safety. Depending on the type of event many of the issues to be considered may require more detailed assessment and provision of information. Our approach includes the following services:
- Provide expert security consulting and conduct a security risk assessment on the event site.
- Coordinate with local law enforcement to ensure you’re getting the services and coverage you’re expecting for a safe and successful event.
- Provide detailed planning and on-site security coordination.
- Support our clients with expert security advice.
- We work with law enforcement, fire, and EMS to ensure that emergency routes remain open.
- Work with you to screen security guard services.

Executive Level Composite Risk Management / Critical Event Management (CEM)

Every year emergencies take their toll on business and industry in terms of lives and dollars. Business owners invest a tremendous amount of time, money and resources to make their ventures successful. Minimising or even mitigating the impact of a critical event, preventing unnecessary business disruptions, while keeping your people safe is critical in maintaining business operations. Unfortunately, many organisations struggle to achieve this goal. This is where a Critical Event Management plan comes into play.

Firearms Familiarization and Handling

This training is for the client with little to no experience with firearms or for those who want to retrain their weapon handling skills. This course is designed and developed to help you learn the basics and improve your shooting skills.
- Cleaning and safe storage of firearms
- Firearms knowledge and safe gun handling
- Ammunition knowledge
- Stance, grip, breathing
- Skills relating to controlling the firearm while shooting

Realistic Scenario-Based Exercise Development

Focused on exposure to highly realistic scenario-based training. Many may not be prepared for critical incidents, due to lack of experience making decisions during high stress. Our customised scenarios are developed with the client in mind. Each scenario is designed to match the size and scale of any company, school, or church and we concentrate on producing quick reactions that save lives.

Advanced Marksmanship Training

Provide the client with expert training in advanced marksmanship skills utilizing fire and movement. The course will develop correct shooting habits and introduce challenging drills that will improve on the client’s basic marksmanship.
- Safety
- Fundamentals of marksmanship
- Malfunctions
- The draw and proper presentation to the target
- Shooting positions
- Multiple shots
- Multiple targets
- Set-up and shooting on the move
- Shooting from barricades & covered positions
- Training methodology and drills