About Us

Violence is a grim reality and a sign of the times. The unending possibility of an attack must be a factor in security decision-making. Awareness and constant vigilance are instrumental; and if we waiver, there is always a new tragedy on the horizon to remind us what is at stake.

STLD Solutions, LLC is a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Security Consulting Company based in the Metro Jackson Mississippi area. Our primary goal is to provide professional consultation and development services incorporating a variety of techniques to assist businesses, industry, government agencies as well as schools and churches with the necessary skills required to survive in unpredictable circumstances.

Our services

Travel Protection / Travel Security Advising

Event Security Planning and Mentoring

Active Shooter / Workplace Violence Preparedness

Firearms Familiarization and Handling

Scenario-Based Exercise Development

Threat Vulnerability / Critical Event Management

Advanced Marksmanship Training

Our Team

Owner / Primary CONSULTANT

Special Forces Green Beret and accomplished professional with 28 years of experience leading and mentoring elite cross-functional teams worldwide including multiple combat deployments.
Subject matter expert in unconventional warfare (UW), counterterrorism (CT), counterinsurgency (COIN), and Counternarcotics (CN) operations.

Our Team of Consultants


Sergeant Major (SGM) John deVerteuil retired from the US Army with over 33 years in the Army and over 25 years as a Special Forces operator. Serving in Latin America (Counter Narcotics), Iraq (Counter Terrorism), Afghanistan (Nation Building) and Africa (Stability Operations). He has served more than 5 years in a combat or hostile fire zone, awarded 8 Bronze Stars 2 for Valor.

John deVerteuil has briefed members of congress on combat operations in Afghanistan and counter narcotics operations in Colombia. He is trusted and sought out by US and foreign senior military leaders globally for his advice and counsel. In addition to his tactical and operational experience, John has a Masters in National Security Studies. He has written papers on illegal immigration, Putin in Syria, the Middle East as well as North Korea to name a few.

John deVerteuil served in 7th Special Forces Group, Delta Force, ISAF Joint Command as the Asymmetric Warfare Advisor, and Special Operations Command Africa as the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the SOJ3. His maritime accomplishments include 100 Ton Captains course, Advanced Open water diver, Dive Medical Technician, Hyperbaric Chamber operator.

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